LATTANZI is conducted by three Administrators, with the support of legal and tax consultants.

Technical Management is performed by two engineers, an architect, a restorer I.S.C.R. (for Cat. SOA OS2-A) and an archeologist (for Cat. SOA OS25), and the Office of Planning is entrusted to seven experienced technicians: four engineers, two architects, a restorer and an archaeologist; the Department of Artistic Restoration is performed by a qualified restorer I.S.C.R. The Department of Archaeological Excavations and Work is performed by a qualified archaeologist. In addition, the structure includes a Technical Secretariat, a Technical Office, an Office of Technical Accounting, an Officer   responsible for the System Unit and various officers with on-site responsibilities.

The Service of Prevention and Protection is handled by an internal resource, while the role of Corporate Doctor is entrusted to an outside professional, who collaborates with internal resources in order to delegate.

The responsibilities for Quality and for the Management of Quality have been given to an inner resource, who has been adequately trained.
There is also an internal resource dedicated to coordination of activities related to Integrated Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environment (ISO 14001:2015) and Safety (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) collaborating with an external consultant with the function, skills and qualifications to carry out the activities of internal Audit for the ongoing implementation of the Integrated Management System.

There are then two operational positions: Operations and General Manager and On-site Operations Manager, both of fundamental importance for the proper running of the Firm. Their responsibilities involve co-ordination and control, while the Industrial Accounting Department, the Technical Secretariat and the Office of Market Surveys and Purchases work in strict co-ordination with them.

The Administrative Unit is subdivided into an Administration Office and an Accounting and General Secretariat.

In addition, there is a Contract Office, managed and staffed by inner resources, which is subdivided into three units: Pre-selection and Processing, Study and Appraisal,Preparation and Participation.

The Personnel Office is staffed by two inner resources and has an external professional advisor.